3BR from Owner below original price, no commission fees, 30%

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تاريخ النشر: 17 شباط فبراير 2019

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17 شباط فبراير 2019

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I'm selling this townhouse without any profit added to me because I need to buy a propery in Dubai. This townhouse is located in unique location were it features a partial view of a nice small green park/playground in the front view of the balcony as per the initial project plan. I selected this villa because it will be nice for me to walk and my kids to have a close by garden.

The hand over date is expected to be December 2019.

I selected Al DAR payment plan of 30/70. Which means I can pay 30% of the villa price until 2020 were I can pay the 70% through the bank.

So far for me as an owner, I paid 30% of the property price. There are no payments until handing over expected in 2020 which can be through a bank to cover the 70% payment.

If you are interested, give me a call. Or send me a whatsApp msg on

The new contract will be written by AL DAR legal team. Both the seller and the buyer must attend in AL DAR office to agree and sign the new contract. Please note that AL DAR legal team charges 5,250 AED for their administration work. This price is very less compared to the fees taken by a broker which is an advantage for the buyer.


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