Studio for Sale In Horizon Tower Ajman

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مرجع العقار: A1255802

مرجع العقار: A1255802

Studio for Sale In Horizon Tower Ajman

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أكتوبر 28, 2020
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We here to help you to find the best ever property in Ajman , We welcome to you one of  the most  delighted property   offer a big lovely one BHK flat in Horizon tower which combines all the needs of a modern business lifestyle, a one-stop destination, offering shopping, leisure, residential, business and hotel facilities within a single development. This freehold community has a peaceful living space , easy access to The Emirates Highway that links Ajman with all the other six Emirates.Residence can start their day by stepping out into the views in which fantasy is realized and a vibrant lifestyle can be entertain .
The exciting feature about the tower is that it have garden inside, So one can spend nice time with their family.Horizon towers have all the amenities inside the building like restaurant,food court,ATM's,Pharmacy,Al Ansari exchange,Red tag,shopping center,Al Fuad exchange  and many more.Around the tower we have many more amenities like Safeer mall,Ajman cooperative ,Nesto hyper market etc.Tower is neat and well-maintained comprises of two bedroom and three bathrooms.Horizon Tower is located in Musherif which has easy access to the hospital,public transportation and well known hyper markets.Horizon  tower is the only community having everything constitute to all needs of the tower.
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