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التفاصيل: نُشِر بتاريخ: 23 يناير 2019

  • المستوى التعليمي: بكالوريوس
  • خبرة العمل: 2 - 5 سنوات
  • الدوام: دوام كامل


Dear Sir/Madam,
Accept my resume as a Site / AutoCAD / Quantity Engineer for your company. I have an extensive background in these fields and bring highly-developed management, problem-solving and Communication skills that would prove beneficial to the position you are offering.
Over the past more than three years, I have had the opportunity to work with clients, Contractors of various backgrounds and have thus built strong communications are an addition to gaining valuable experience in working both independently and in teams. I have also an experience in maintenance and fit-out works.
All Targets assigned to me have been completed on time. My eye for detail and the ability to communicate effectively with clients, Contractors, and vendors are additional skills that I feel would aid me in successfully completing all of the duties connected to this position.

Engr.Jehangir Khan
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